College Days…

December 19, 2008 at 1:12 pm (Memories)

Me and my gang (Hameetha, Sorna, Deepa, Rama, Uma, Vanitha) were well known in the college for our looty and mischievious work. But believe me we were the first 7 rank holders. That was the only reason we all seven used to escape from punishments / scoldings. Whenever our HOD or lecturers call us, they start the scoldings like “Neega ellam nallaa padikkira students, neengalae ippadi pannalaamaa?” (meaning is, you all are good in studies, is it good for you to do like this).

One of our lecturer has the habit of saying “Ungala ellam school pillainga maathiri chair-la niruthinaa thaan thirunthuveenga”, which means “You all will become discipline only if we make you to stand on chairs like school students”. Me being the class leader, along with my gang deceided to fulfill her wish one day. So we instructed all our classmates on that day that if the madam utter this sentence, we all should stand on the chair. As usual, that day our madam said the same sentence. Immediately we all 54 students (all gals only… Women college), holding our saree (compulsory saree college…. Later changed), got on the chairs. Our madam got shocked and yelled “What is this”. We politely replied her that before leaving the college, we wanted to fulfill her wish. Hehehehehe, she didn’t say anything and asked us to get down. From that day onwards, she never said that sentence. Even if it came to the tip of her tounge, she controlled her saying “You gals will do only such things to fulfill my wish… If I ask you to study well and get university rank, no one is going to do to fulfill my wish”

After finishing our college also, she remembered our team saying, “you are those chair climbing team organizer right?”… Later only we found that a spy from our class had told that we organized it.


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  1. bg said,

    hey collage days are the best…….. i miss them……..ha what fun those days were……..good old days…sigh

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