Moor kaachiyathu (Butter milk recipe)

December 19, 2008 at 9:02 am (Easy-Lazy Recipes, Moru Kachiyadhu)

Me a lazy cook here to give the laziest recipe ….. This I prepare in 5 mins, when I don’t want to cook anything and my husband is on the way from office for lunch…..

1. Curd
2. Shallots (small onion) – 5 or 6
3. Curry leaves
4. Mustard & urdu dal
5. Little oil
6. Turmeric powder
7. Dry Ginger piece (we call it chukku in tamil….. don’t remember the english terms)
8. Dry chilli (Red chilli)


Mix water with curd and make it into a butter milk (don’t make tooooo watery). Cut the shallots into small fine pieces….. Keep a pan in the stove… Put little oil and put some mustard and urdu dal…. After it spurts, add the red chilli and curry leaves….. after few secs add onion and fry for few seconds, then put dry ginger piece….. Now keep the stove in sim (the lowest) and add the butter milk and turmeric powder and keep mixing it for some time….. Don’t put the flame high as it will spoil the butter milk…. Remove from the Stove….. Done for the day


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