My cute son….

December 19, 2008 at 12:13 pm (Memories)

You might have heard of kids sleeping in between their meals, in between their play, etc… But have you heard anything like this?

One day, when my son was around 2.5 months old, my mom gave him a bath in the afternoon. Generally we do a massage for him with oil for some 20 mins before giving a bath. When my mom took him to the bathroom, he waved his hands and legs actively. My mom started her usual bath work for him. Lying him on her leg, she applied shampoo for him. She found him not moving any more. She got scared. She called me (nearly screamed). I ran and asked her to pour a cup of water. She did and you know what. My little monster was sleeping deep and when we pour water, he slightly opened his eyes as if “why you idiots disturbing me?”, yawned, rubbed his face and started sleeping again…..

Hmm, he is the only person who I know, slept in between a bath 🙂



  1. Priya said,

    no dear…since we give a nice massage before taking them to bath, they sleep while taking bath. My son used to sleep during baths( not everyday).

  2. Ammu said,

    oh ok da… I thought he is the only one who sleeps even while pouring water… So he has many companions 🙂

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