Hanumanthanpatty and its surroundings…

December 23, 2008 at 1:46 pm (Hanumanthanpatty)

Hanumanthanpatty, a very small village located in Theni district of Tamilnadu, is the place where my father was born. All my relatives and ancestors lived and living there. A beautiful place surrounded by nature in all sides.

Inspite of being beautiful, it is also surrounded by lot of other beautiful locations and famous tourist spots. To name few are Thekkadi, Suruli… I would love to take you one by one…

Hanumanthanpatty, my native is an untouched beauty, still holding its virgin nature besides the hands of tourists. The sons of that soil are still unchanged from their culture, tradition and love.

My native

My native

If we go to the terrace of our house, from there we can see the nature in a form of steps. First you can see the entire village surrounded by paddy field. Then the paddy field surrounded by Grapes and sugarcane gardens. Next comes the hundreds of coconut trees in rows, beyond which you can see the peaks of western ghats. I will post the picture of this beauty soon, as I don’t have an appropriate one now. I’m holding it as a painting in my heart and trying to make you too see that through my words.

Truly natural

Truly natural

Let me tell about Thekkadi now. Thekkadi, a beautiful water reservoir(dam) built by nature itself, where as in most of other places, it is man made. Four sides surrounded by mountains and the water reservoir in between.

Surrounded by nature

Surrounded by nature

It has lot of wild animals living in the mountains. We got a chance to see few on our last trip there. The main animal living there is Elephant. Few others are deer, tiger, fox and buffalo.

Wild Beauty

Wild Beauty

It rained heavily on the day we went last time. It is a good experience, enjoying nature with a shower.

Raining Day

Raining Day

Suruli is another beautiful place which has a waterfalls to get a special place in my heart. During my school days, we used to go to our native for all summer vacations. Suruli used to be one location which we never failed to visit atleast once in those days. Now I’m longing for those golden days.

Nature throughout the way

Nature throughout the way

We used to spend our whole day under the falls. I remember once we had a competition that “who stands below the falls for a long time will get Rs.100”, a very big unimaginable amount for our level at that time. I won that by standing under the falls for nearly 2.5 hours without moving out. Believe me, I love to stand under falls for a long time. But afraid of oceans 🙂

One side of the falls

One side of the falls

We used to prepare Puliyothara (Tamarind rice) and coconut chutney (side dish) along with some vada for our lunch and take it from home.  After a good shower, this food used to taste like a “Amrutham”, as we were too hungry. Ofcourse my mom prepares it soooo tasty, even while saying this, I feel eating.

Another important member of  Suruli is Mr.Monkey. He may attack you from any side and if not prepared or not have enough members in your team to rescue, you are sure to get hurt. He loves attacking you at an unexpected moment and grabs whatever food items you have. One time, Mr.monkey attacked my uncle for the mangoes he had in his hand. Still we laugh at that sight how my uncle screamed and threw the mangoes in air and started running.



Hmm it is human nature to stop non talk, if they get immersed in a thought of their golden moments, especially of HOME. East or west, Home is the BEST

Lovely Sunrise

Lovely Sunrise



  1. BG said,

    hey very well written…

    what a beautifull place…

    will blog roll u.. 🙂

  2. ╩╦╩ Karthik ╩╦╩ said,

    Very nice Area….really super pictures….
    Im heaving jealous on you,caz of living in a beautiful area..

  3. Ammu said,

    Hi Karthik, thanks for the comment. But you know, I too miss my place 😦 and I’m in a far counrty now, longing for my home town.

  4. A. Vincent said,

    Dear Mythili,
    Being a person born and brought up in Hanumanthanpatti, my joy knew no bounds on seeing your article about our village for the first time. Though I am put up in Chennai for more than 41 years, the name Hanumanthanpatti always brings to my mind the beauty of our village and my joyous childhood in our village. My sons used to taunt me that the thoughts of our village take me to another world. As a senior son of Hanumanthanpatti, could I please know who your parents are? I would love to interact with them too.
    A. Vincent

  5. Mythili said,

    Thank u so much sir. Will mail you.

  6. suryaprakash said,

    Hi who u r? Im also from hanumanthan patty. Send me ur details to my id. I proud of u man bcos u make credit of our native. Well

  7. suryaprakash said,

  8. Karthick said,

    First i would like to thank Mythili for this blog, when i reading this i really went to the thougts of my golden days 🙂

    Good to see my home town place [Theni],

    But i exactly in theni with in 2 kms circle,

    i love my home town schools days & holidays went to spent grabbing around Surili , Thekadi , Kodikannal, Veerappa Ayyanar falls, kumbakarai falls,Munnar, vaigadam, veerapandi & especially my FARM HOUSE.

    where ever i go i never be as peace full as i am in farm house beause it full of with nature & surrounded by western ghats. usally it slots rains in very evening which was really beauty which i missed in chennai, bangalore & singapore (past 7 years)

    basically i am technical person with the age of 22, how ever i wil surely be in my town & stay there in my future i belive :).

    Thanks once again for this super post , Please comment any thing i will be surely posting my blog or website very soon.


  9. T R Harihara Sudhan said,

    Dear Mrs.Mythili @ Ammu…

    Really very nice article… I really enjoy and proud of you.

    How r U?. really we missied our native village. I remembered our childhood days.

    Just I Search our native, Its showing your Blog.

    Really Enjoyed.

    All the best!

    T.R.Harihara Sudhan
    S/o A.T.Ramaraj
    No:14-1 Ambalakarar Street
    Hanumanthan Patty [PO]
    Uthamapalayam [TK]
    Theni District.

  10. Ungalil oruvan said,

    If we see in the world map, I may presume that my native is there or even may not.
    If truth be told true happened in my life, when I was sit in my room alone (I always want to be a alone) with full of frustration (where I be as far as away from my country) .so I was just remembering my childhood and suddenly remember my native, where I born .As a human being everybody says that their intensification which goes towards modernism and excellence in their own life, but we shouldn’t forget where we were from?
    I was think in this way to remember my past and full of my life recognition goes to my inhabitant and even proud to say that name is “ HANUMANTHANPATTY” where I was played ,wrangled ,bound and finally somewhat affection ,I never ever forget these in my life.

    Thanks to this creator who makes this kind of magnificent excellence to explain our native. I don’t want to expose my name but finally once again I must say thanks to you, becaz of you have done such a things behalf of me………….

  11. Manjula said,

    Glad to see your blog. My native is also Hanumanthanpatty. I was taken by such joy when I saw the pictures on the post. Good job Done!!!


  12. A. Vincent said,

    Hello there Hanumanthanpattians and also dear Mythili,
    It is nice to see that Mythili’s write up has brought out so many Hanumanthanpatti nettizens into the open. Seems we can form an inter-active circle. Any takers?
    Mythili, how are u ma? Long time no write – how is dad?

  13. Dominic said,

    Hi! Hanumanthanpatty happens to be the birth place of my dad. He migrated to Malaysia in his teens and lived here until his demise in 2009. I am his youngest offspring of 9. Early this year I went to Hanumanthanpatty which my dad always refered as “nan pirathan mann”. I felt I could do some good to the children of Hanumanthanpatty. I am planning to help the school there with toilets, study desk and bench. I would love to put up some information, articles and news surrounding the kids there too. I would like to start Hanumanthanpatty Kids or something like that. I would be happy to hear from you on this as I believe there will be a lot of synnerg in the partnership. Let me hear from you and if possible let me have you contact details. Thank you and best regards,

  14. Dominic, Malaysia said,

    Hi to all Hanumanthanpattians! Vanakam!
    I would be happy to hear from all of you who are in one way or another have some attachment with Hanumanthanpatty. I would like to be in touch and get a synnerg created among all of you so that we can put up some activities and even some small community projects for betterment of the kids and people living there. I spend some 7 days in Hanumanthanpatty in early March 2010 and I just came back home to Malaysia having planned for a small project for the school there. I am going back in July 2010 to accomplish the school projects in a school there. I would welcome you to join me and support me in whatever way you can. Let me hear from you at dominic@ict-m.com or +60 12 4747473. Send me a sms and I will be happy to call you. Nandri, vanakam. Greetings from Malaysia!
    Dominic, Malaysia

  15. anbarasu said,

    i am really proud to all, many of them belongs to hanumanthanpatty and search in net.now this small village develop in education. if anybody belongs to this village,keep in touch with me through mail. my mail id is anbarasu_mookkiah@yahoo.com.

  16. A. Vincent said,

    Hello there,
    It is nice to write up again. With reference to Mr. Dominic’s comments, it is really worthwhile to think about providing desk and toilet facilities in the School there, which, I think is the R.C. Middle School, the one and only school there. My primary schooling went there in the 50s. I hear that the Seshadri Middle School was already closed. It fails my comprehension as to why a town panchayat having more than 10000 people fails to boast atleast a High School leave alone a Higher Secondary School and the pupils there have to trek either to Pudupatti or Palayam for their studies! What Mr. Harihara Sudhan, Mr. Suryaprakash, Mr. Anbarasu and Ms. Manjula have to say about this? Mr. Ungalil Oruvan can also come out of his mask and say something.

  17. K.PANDIAN said,

    Hi all,

    I can proudly say i am a hanumanthanpattian . i was born at h.patty and i studied at pudhupatti A.L.V school hanumanthan patti was called as hanumar patti .I am an Ambalakkaran .my father’s love story was 1960 love story , yes he broke the relegious rule in 1960 itself but his love ends with lot of tragedy , now he is no more but he is my hero ever .thank u all to remind me to my dady’s days


  18. MARIAPPAN .A said,

    I am also a Hanumanthanpattian. I think we really missied our native village. I remembered our childhood days

    S/o. K. Alappan
    16, Alappakkonar Street,

  19. snvramani said,

    Oh, what a place to have as a native place to be born and brought up.very very lucky.

  20. J.ABBASS said,

    dear all
    I really wish to all whoever giving here over the ecstacy comments about my
    village.especially such a villages are lap of civilisation,rationlisation and culture.
    I really proud to say that I am also the same village person.
    dear mythilishiju if you have any more updates please show to us
    by the web-page .
    with the best

  21. shanmugapriya said,

    my cute village!!!!
    really a heaven for people in urbans……..a heaven for me too 🙂

  22. SHARFAN said,

    Now Iam Very Haooy

  23. Rajakannu said,

    Hi Friends,

    This is Rajakannu, i happy to hear everybody has been response to this forum of this site. i would like to join with our home town community.

  24. Jeyakumar Jai said,

    hai friends
    This is jeyakumar i am very very happy me also hanumanthan patty my friends prabu,mani, palani, muthu, muthu raj army,karthik,ramesh vivwam,siva,sathish army,my brother jeganathan, my sweetheart ahsika, tharun

  25. G. Kannan said,


    Iam also Hanumathanpattian. now i proud to say this. I just browse our native place in internet. but i hopeless detail will available . fortunatly i found this blog and it is very nice.

    G. Kannan,
    Yadava Street,
    Hanumanthan Patty.

  26. Vijay Krishnan said,

    Hi My dear native friend
    Me too…from same HANUMANTHAN PATTY .RC school this is where I studied till 5th std.And my mother was working as school teacher on same RC school and retired few years before. Her name is Lakshmi teacher.I working in US now and came here around 2006. Thanks a lot Mythili to create a sucg beautiful site and I proudly shared these detail to my cliets.Great Job.

    Vijay Krishnan.

  27. Kannan said,

    Hi friends… I’m also from Hanumanthanpatty… Now i’m in Hanumanthanpatty… I just search about my native… Then i’ve read all about you… I’m so happy to found my native & native friends on net… This is my mail id: SKDSECRETS@GMAIL.COM

  28. Ragu said,

    Namma urapathi perumaya solliyatharka unkalaku oru shallute

  29. Ragu said,

    Hai iam Ragu i like my village and valliyamman kulam and aanjneyar tempel and govinthan kovill tempel our mariyamman festival mantakaputi and krishna jayanthi function and my firends and relatives in my village and a supper team of KCC in my village iam work inArmy from punjap my email ID ragu.ragu579@gmail.com +919159382088




    Ennudaia oorin function ellam netil paarpatharku santhosam. V.BALAMURUGAN.ARMY 20F/5W Ambalakarar st, Hanumanthan patty.

  32. Thirumalai venkadapathy said,

    My native place is hanumanthanpatty

  33. S.R.MANI said,

    Hi friends.
    This is s.r.mani i happy tn hear every body has been response to this forum of this site i would like to join with our home town comnuity

    BY ~S.R&SON’S~

  34. S.R.MANI said,

    very nice area.Hanumanthanpatty

  35. KARTHIKA said,

    unga ooru spr da mama.i love da

  36. KARTHIKA said,

    unga ooru spr aha irukuda mama.

  37. Alappan said,

    I am expecting lot of the news of my native place. my Email id


    S/o. T.P.Krishnan,
    w-1,Karupaya konar Street,

  38. S.R.MANI said,

    hannumanthan patty

  39. girijalakshmi govindarajan said,

    i also belonging to Hanumanthanpatty. i am missing my native.

  40. saranya alagesan said,

    i like very much for its place, hanumanthanpatty is a wonderful place in theni district.

  41. V.shoban babu said,

    Nice place

  42. Albert said,

    Wherever I go the thoughts of my native place Hanumanthanpatty never disappear from my mind. It is a micro universe where people belonging to various religions and caste live in harmony. I was shared by the glorious tradition of art that had existed in this place. I learnt music and literature here. I am grateful to my ancestors. Albert, Palayamkottai.

  43. Subi said,

    Awesome.. even im also from same place

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