My Kolams

January 21, 2009 at 8:04 pm (Kolam)

I love to draw kolams. In my mother’s place (Tamilnadu), it is a must that we should clean the front corridor of our house every day in the morning and evening and draw kolam. When were young, I used to follow it without any fail. I love to do that. I can show all my imaginations in that. But later, due to education, job, change of locations, I couldn’t enjoy it that much. Later, after marriage, whenever I go home (Kerala), I drew Kolam in that big space available before our home. Few of my kolams are here 🙂

My kolam for pongal

 Painting on Pongal day

In front of our home (Kerala)


My favourite chutthu kolam


In the car parking area


Another one chutthu kolam


On the onam day… Since it rained the day before, we got less flowers only 🙂dsc01798


I love to color, but then since I were 7 months pregnant, just only plain kolam without Rang


Something my hand drew


Another onam day kolam… Since it was my first experience, it looks so beautiful


The Wind took my flowers 😦




  1. random said,

    nice rangoli’s

  2. mahi said,

    very nice kolams

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